Silver, gold and platinum, are non-ferrous materials, meaning they are not magnetic. The security system at airports detect for magnetic metals. Since gold, silver and platinum are not magnetic, they can easily be worn.

You are more likely to set off airports detectors wearing costume jewelry, because it is made with magnetic metals, such as steel, nickel, and iron, etc.

I advised you leave your silver, gold, and platinum jewelry on because it’s highly unlikely to cause the security system to react. And it is much safer than putting it in your suitcase, or even your handbag where it may become scratched or damaged.

I usually tuck my necklace under my shirt so it doesn’t show, and turn my rings around so the stones do not show, or place them in a separate padded jewelry bag in my purse and keep my purse zipped closed.

If it does react it is plated, gold fill, silver fill or fake. “White gold” may also react because it is rhodium plated and will have a nickel undercoating. One way to check your jewelry is to see if it reacts to a magnet.

Did you know you can also use a magnet when buying silver, gold or platinum to detect fakes?

Happy travels!