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Scan Code Pay .

Shared small box is a set of shared charge, make money and drainage as one of the desktop shared charge treasure.

Its primary function is to solve the current "people just need electricity" on the phone.

Its operation is very simple, just scan the top of the small box code and pay attention to the code, enter a random verification code can be charged for half an hour free of charge, 1 yuan per hour. The proceeds of all the owners, rent over 100 background can be withdrawn.

15000mAh large capacity, 5V2.1A fast charge input, built-in 3 interface cable, covering 99% of the smart models, people do not need their own backup line can be charged.

Each sharing box is a mobile exposure of the exposure, in addition to advertising their own brands but also to do other business advertising, advertising revenue belongs to the owner! Rent plus advertising income both hands grasp, the benefits are more abundant.

In addition, the two-dimensional code at the top of the shared cell box becomes an entry point for offline traffic. Each 10,000-minute traffic can be shared and a small box can save 20,000 RMB for the owner. And real.

No threshold no scene restrictions ------ bear great use of electric box there is no limit, no threshold. It's a mass-market product that can be used by businesses, individuals, agents, and more.